$26.99 (At Time Of Writing)

17th Street Barbecue Pig Pack of Sauces and Rub 3 Pack

PRAISE THE LARD....We got a pig pack on our hands here boys! The kings of the Apple City BBQ Realm, 17th Street Barbecue brings us a wonderful display for your barbecueing delight!

We’re three generations deep in the world of barbecue and we’re fortunate to have won Grand World Championships and accolades from Memphis in May and The Jack to Vogue, Bon Appetit and Food Network. We’ve even been given top-security clearance to serve barbecue aboard Air Force One. By sharing our sauces and seasonings with you, we’re bringing you into the fold. Our Pig Pack includes one each of our delicious sauces, Mike's Original and Little Kick, plus a jar of our famous Magic Dust.

HEARD ENOUGH HAVE YA?... Well you can listen to me keep gabbin', or you can click the link up above and get some for yerself! I bet you'll enjoy every last shake!

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